Sobriety Checkpoints Planned in August for Greater St. Louis Area

Various law enforcement agencies, including Missouri Highway Patrol, Saint Louis County Police, and others have sobriety checkpoints planned for the month of August, 2013. 

August 23 – Fenton
August 30 – House Springs

Sobriety checkpoints are also expected in the month of August in Saint Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, Lincoln County

DWI Checkpoints Saint Louis in AugustHighway Patrol officers will be conducting sobriety checkpoints at different times throughout August in Jefferson, St. Charles and Lincoln counties. The checkpoints will be administered by MSHP officers in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. According to the MSHP, these specific locations have higher numbers of drivers charged with DWI.

There will likely be many more DWI sobriety checkpoints in the greater Saint Louis area than have been announced so far.

Always have a designated driver, or call a cab or ride public transportation if you’ve had too much to drink. DWIs are costly and disruptive to your every days. You will lose  your license if convicted of even one DWI or DUI charge.

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