Sobriety Checkpoints & DWI Patrols Planned for September in Greater STL Area

Updated Sept. 11th. 5:41pm: Police and law enforcement agencies across Missouri will be increasing their efforts to nab drunk drivers throughout the month of September, 2013.

The following sobriety checkpoints and DWI saturation patrols have been announced so far for the month of September:

  • The St. Louis County Police have announced that they will be conducting DUI checkpoints throughout St. Louis County for the month of September.
  • Lewis County – DWI patrols
  • DWI saturation patrols in North St. Louis County
  • St. Genevieve County – DWI patrols
  • Lake Saint Louis – Sobriety checkpoints.
  • Columbia, MO –  Safety Checkpoint during daylight hours Sept 8, 2013 through Sept 14, 2013
  • Washington, MO – Checkpoint Friday Sept 6, 2013 10PM-2AM
  • Wentzville, MO – Checkpoint Saturday Sept 14, 2013
  • St Genevieve, Boone County Camden, Miller, Cape Girardeau – DWI Checkpoints
  • Many other police agencies will be conducting DWI saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints this month, but the have not made any official announcements.

Exact dates and locations are not yet known. We will post more information as we get it.

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