Sobriety Checkpoint Survey Results

We recently asked our visitors their opinions on sobriety checkpoints. The results are as follows.

  • 79% of people surveyed have been through a sobriety checkpoint.
  • 24% of the people who have been through a sobriety checkpoint have been asked to go through secondary screening to check for sobriety.
  • 4% of people who have been through a sobriety checkpoint have been arrested for DWI, and 5% have received traffic tickets.
  • 52% of people use our service to avoid sobriety checkpoints because they are an inconvenience
  • 50% of people use our page to avoid checkpoints because they believe sobriety checkpoints are unconstitutional or unlawful.
  • 28% of people use our page, app, or mobile site as a reminder not to drink and drive.
  • 75% of people believe sobriety checkpoints should be made illegal.
  • 47% of people have encouraged others not to drink and drive after seeing our posts about sobriety checkpoints in their area.
  • 78% of respondents said sobriety checkpoints are not an effective way to stop drunk driving.
  • 76% of respondents said they become nervous or scared when going through a sobriety checkpoint and they have not been drinking.

Statistics are based on a survey conducted by in August, 2013.

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