Checkpoints to Continue in Jefferson County Despite Opposition

The Jefferson County Council’s decision to turn down funding for checkpoints was the first in the state. The refusal was due to citizen’s and council member’s concerns over the intrusiveness and constitutionality of safety checkpoints.

The County Council voted 6 to 1 to turn down the grant from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for operation of roadside checkpoints.

Residents have been complaining that safety and seat belt checkpoints violate their constitutional rights. Bob Boyer, a representative for Arnold believes that safety and seat belt checkpoints raise constitutional issues and he has concerns over the way citizens were treated at these checkpoints.

Sheriff Oliver “Glen” Boyer says checkpoints will continue in Jefferson County despite the council’s rejection of funding.  “Why should I allow the county council to dictate what law enforcement is going to do? Why should I turn that authority over to the county council?” said Boyer.

Jefferson County residents opposed to the use of safety and seat belt checkpoints can contact Boyer at


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