Jefferson County Accepts Previously Rejected Grant Money for Checkpoints

In October the Jefferson County Council rejected a $22,000 federal grant to conduct sobriety and safety checkpoints in the county, but now they have decided to accept the money but only use it for sobriety checkpoints.

Many citizens as well as the Jefferson County Council said that safety checkpoints – where police officers look for seat belt violations and check driver’s license and insurance cards are a violation of their rights, and some citizens complained about being treated poorly by the officers at these checkpoints.

Jefferson County Safety CheckpointsThe Jefferson County Council voted a to take the grant money for DWI checkpoints only – the money will not be able to used for safety of seat belt checkpoints.

“I’m fine with DUI checkpoints, but I think the people have been heard, and they don’t want checkpoints for safety violations and it’s believed to be an infringement of their rights,” said Kelly Waymon, a Jefferson County councilman.

Although the grant money cannot be used for safety checkpoints Sheriff Boyer says he will continue safety checkpoints, which have been quite controversial.

One thought on “Jefferson County Accepts Previously Rejected Grant Money for Checkpoints

  1. So random safety checkpoints are against your rights but random dui checkpoints aren’t? Could it be that dui checkpoints raise big revenue and safety checks don’t?

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