Operation A.R.R.E.S.T St. Louis County November 6th

St. Louis County: Operation A.R.R.E.S.T Friday November 6th at 7pm until Saturday November 7th at 3am. Looking for impaired (alcohol/drugs) drivers. Conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

From the Missouri State Highway Patrol website:

Operation A.R.R.E.S.T. will utilize six Missouri state troopers to conduct this project. The six troopers have been chosen because of their dedication and leadership in removing intoxicated drivers from Missouri roadways. Troopers continually work to maximize enforcement efforts in deterring impaired driving, to remove intoxicated drivers from Missouri roadways, and to reduce fatalities and injuries through vigorous enforcement of Missouri traffic laws.

Approximately 63 percent of Missouri fatal crash victims who are required to be restrained are NOT at the time of the traffic crash. The Patrol urges motorists to protect themselves and their passengers by making sure everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained in a seat belt or child restraint. Join us in supporting the Drive To Zero Highway Deaths. Watercraft operators should ensure that everyone in the vessel is wearing an approved life jacket. Click It 4 Life And Wear It!!

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